Stars On Ice® skating rinks are state-of-the-art permanent or mobile ice skating rinks.

Stars On Ice® skating rinks are ideal for corporate functions and events, shopping centres, theme parks and tourist resorts.

They’re also ideal for product launches, conferences, conventions, fund raisers, community clubs, television commercials, television reality shows, indoors or outdoors, winter festivals and all media promotions. Our fully-owned New Zealand operation also has rinks available now.

So whether you are looking for an ice rink for a winter festival in Southbank, Canberra, Parramatta, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth – then Stars On Ice® has what you need.

Pair the rink with one of our spectacular ice shows, and you have a hit. We bring the magic of the European and North American ice shows to Australia.

The Company’s long history and ice skating roots has made Stars On Ice® the first stop in all things ice. They are the Aussie ice–miesters.

We manufacture our ice rinks using the most energy efficient technology available today. This is a huge financial benefit and can save you up to 36 per cent compared to other systems available.

We have a variety of systems available as not one system suits every installation. Aluminum manifolds and grid systems, roll out speed-ice mats or SlickIce synthetic ice floors are all available.

You can be assured of great ice quality. The set up and ice formation is fast, as is the defrost at the end, often only taking one-two days.

Our rinks operate in any conditions and our experience allows us to constantly monitor the equipment; we fine tune the operation every step of the way to guarantee the best outcome.

Suppliers in excess of 200 ice installations in all conceivable situations. We built, supplied, operated and engineered the ice rinks for the Sydney and Bondi Winter Festivals, and Andre Rieu World Stadium Tour, with a cast of 60.

We provided rinks to Singapore, Noumea, Vanuatu, New Zealand and Malaysia. That’s a lot of experience, which ensures your success, gets your guests skating and having fun in the shortest possible time.