Ice Rink hire: The process of creating an ice skating surface is detailed and fascinating

Imagine sitting in your freezer as the ice cubes freeze.. it takes time. Stars On Ice® have created an ice rink from scratch hundreds of times. The magic of what is created has never failed to enthrall thousands and thousands of skaters.

So relax, we will do it all and make it easy for you to enjoy the success it brings. All ice is not the same: it can be hard or soft, wet or dry.

Stars On Ice® can guarantee you an exciting ice skating experience for your event. We have hundreds of recommendations about situations we have performed so we can keep your guests and patrons skating, no matter what the situation. In the ice business, experience is everything!

To begin laying of the ice rink liner on the purpose-created sub-floor. We then create the refrigeration grids within the entire liner surface.

We then connect multiple kilometres of aluminium tubing. This provides perfect heat transfer to form your ice fast, and with the lowest amount of energy.

Once the floor piping is all connected, we install the refrigeration transverse manifolds to every run of the tubing. These manifolds are then joined to the refrigeration plant (chiller) which is usually placed outside.

Then the system is charged with the secondary refrigerant and chilled to below 0c. Barriers are then fitted around the ice rink, with the water next to be added. This progressively freezes in and around the pipes until you have a frozen ice surface, ready for skating.. just like magic!

The whole process can be done in two-five days depending on the specifics of your location.

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Ice Rink Hire - Sizes

  • 7m x 7.5m
  • 7m x 15m
  • 15m x 10m
  • 20m x 10m
  • 25m x 10m
  • 30m x 10m
  • 15m x 15m
  • 20m x 15m
  • 25m x 15m
  • 30m x 15m
  • 25m x 25m
  • 30m x 25m
  • 35m x 25m
  • 40m x 25m
  • 50m x 25m
  • 30m x 30m
  • 40m x 30m
  • 50m x 30m
  • 60m x 30m

Custom Sizes are also available.

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