Roller Rinks Sydney

Unique modular roller rinks and events

Anyone can roller skate on the streets, and take the risk of getting caught on stones and cracks. But for a great skating experience you should do it on a Stars On Wheels specially-created roller floor, complete with barrier and fun music.

The installation can be completed on top of most hard surfaces. If in a park, we will build a stage for you to house the rink.

The process is quite fast and generally can be completed within a day by our experienced crew.

The actual roller floor is made of tiles that interlock to form the skating surface. There are infinite sizes available to suit any space.

Once the floor is laid we install the barrier system. This helps your patrons stay in the rink, and for the new skaters, to hold onto.

Our clean, practical selection of rental skates are comfortable and high quality. They give a wonderful skating experience. We also have a selection of rollerblades available for use.

Roller Rinks Sydney

Roller Rinks Sydney

Roller Rinks Sydney

Stars On Wheels roller skating floors are smooth to give a silky smooth glide. They also provide some give in the event of mishap.

This makes them safer than skating on the street and a great fun way to capture the renewed interest in roller skating.

Our experienced staff and operators have insurance to cover your event. This makes it a hassle-free event for you.

We offer our hire and purchasing services throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Roller Rinks Sydney: Please get in touch for a quote, or if you need more information.