WM Ice Equipment: WM Shira

Battery80V – 450Ah (standard mode)
Battery chargerFronius Selectiva
Battery charger connection400V / 16A 5-pole
Power consumption400V / 13A
Weight when empty4,600 kg (basic outfit)
Water tank1,000 l (optional 1,350 l)
Snow tank3 m³ - compacted 3.7 m³
TransmissionContinuously adjustable electric four-wheel drive
Hydraulic oil tank50 l
Speed0 - 13 km/h
Tyres225 / 75 / R16 C6 rows of spikes
Wheel rims9“ x 16“


WM Compact

AC motor controller AC Curtis
Idle revolutions 900 rpm
Drive revolutions 1,900 rpm
Battery80V – 320Ah
Battery chargerFronius Selectiva 8040
Battery charger connection 400V / 16A 5-pole
Power consumption400V / 8A
TransmissionContinuously adjustable hydraulic four-wheel drive
Speed0 - 12 km/h
Snow tank 1.7 m³ - compacted 2.1 m³
Water tank 600 l (stainless steel)
Weight when empty 2,400 kg (basic outfit)
Tyres 175 / 70 R 14C2 rows of spikes


WM Pinguino

Weight when empty1,100 kg (basic outfit)
Water tank340 litres
Snow tank1 m³ – compacted 1.25 m³
Fuel tank15 litres
TransmissionContinuously adjustable hydraulic four-wheel drive
AxlesSingle wheel drive
Parking brakeMechanical parking brake on rear wheels
Hydraulic system18 cm³ axial piston pump for drive, 6 cm³ work units + cylinder movements, 4.4 cm³ steering
Diameter of screw conveyorsVertically ø 175 mm, horizontally ø 170 mm
Tires5.00R12 83/81P2 rows of spikes
Wheel rims12“ x 5“ with hubcaps